There is, in Adventurers League Dnd, a monster statblock with the following ability :

At the start of his turn, every living creature within 100 feet must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or they lose 5 hit points and [he] regains 5 hit points.

That monster also has an ability to spawn Swarms of Rot Grubs (Medium swarms of Tiny Beasts). I am thus wondering how those two abilities interact.

More generally : how are swarms considered vis-à-vis creatures ?

  1. Considered as a single creature [here, would be a single CON save]
  2. Considered as many creatures (how do you say how many?) [here, would be X CON saves]
  3. Considered as no creature [here, would be 0 CON saves]

Swarms are counted as a singular creature, but they have a few differences to non-swarms.

  1. They are able to occupy another creature’s space (and vice versa)
  2. They are unable to regain hit points or gain temporary hit points
  3. They are able to move through a space large enough for a singular creature of their size (tiny in this case)

Of course, you could always play it differently, if you like, but RAW, the swarm would only make one saving throw.

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