If you are on a mount and it is knocked prone, do you automatically get knocked prone too?

To set the scene, I am mounted on my Warhorse when an evil NPC casts Earthquake below where we stand. My Warhorse makes a saving throw but fails and is knocked prone.

Does this mean that I too would automatically be knocked prone? Would I need to make a separate saving throw against the spell? Or, do I need to do an Acrobatics check for instance to see if I can land on my feet?

I would appreciate responses with RAW or RAF.


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You can use your reaction to dismount

The answer is in the Mounted Combat section of the Combat chapter:

If your mount is knocked prone, you can use your reaction to dismount it as it falls and land on your feet. Otherwise, you are dismounted and fall prone in a space within 5 feet it. (PHB 198)

You don't make a save vs the spell (this time)

This effect of the spell affects

each creature on the ground in the area

which you are not, at the moment it happens. Your status changes as a result of it activating and thus it happens definitely after the effect is resolved.

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