Looking at the description for Brindol in Red Hand of Doom (p. 9), it says:


Any idea what these mean?

I assume AL is Adventurer's League but not sure about the rest.

The full text reads:

Brindol (Small City): Conventional, nonstandard; AL NG, LE; 15,000 gp limit; Assets 6,300,000 gp; Population 8,400; [...]

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    \$\begingroup\$ Just a note: "Adventurers League", referring to the organized play system, is specifically a D&D 5e thing. Previous editions' organized play systems were differently named. \$\endgroup\$
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AL here stands for alignment, and NG and LE stand for the alignments neutral good and lawful evil, respectively. (While the Dungeon Master's Guide doesn't go so far as to define AL when used this way as specifically meaning alignment, AL is used to mean alignment by the Dungeon Master's Guide in several places like in creature stat blocks on 201 et al. Similar town statblocks are used in many official 3.5 products, and Red Hand of Doom doesn't appear to introduce any new rules in this regard.)

These alignments when used in conjunction with a town's statblock indicate the alignments of Brindol's power centers—how the folks in charge run the town. The DMG covers what this means in greater and better detail, but, in part, it says that a "neutral good power center rarely influences the residents of the community other than to help them when they are in need" and that a "community with a lawful evil power center usually has a codified set of laws, which most people obey out of fear of harsh punishment" (138).

The town's conventional power center is Lord Kerden Jarmaath and his forces (they're NG in alignment), while the town's nonstandard power center is Lady Verrasa Kaal and her forces (they're the LE bunch).


I'm going with:

Alignment: Neutral Good, Lawful Evil

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