This is a tricky one, and I haven't found a similar Q&A, but may have missed it.

Devotion paladins have a Channel Divinity option of Sacred Weapon that emits light 20/20 of bright/dim. Does this dispel darkness?


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It can illuminate parts of the darkness, but does not dispel it

Firstly, magical light sources dispelling darkness is a function of that light source (and its text and spell level). For instance daylight can dispel it because of its own text (as long as it is cast at an equal or higher level). There is no general rule for darkness-dispelling.

However, darkness only limits non-magical light from illuminating the area:

... and nonmagical light can't illuminate it.

And the effects (here, the light) of a Channel Divinity is magical, per the description of the Channel Divinity feature in general:

Your oath allows you to channel divine energy to fuel magical effects.

Player's Handbook p. 85

So the light can illuminate parts of the area, but have no ability to dispel the spell.


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