In Make Camp move, there are 2 options to heal your group:

  • Recuperate: Take +1 health for you and any companions
  • Partake: Suffer -1 supply and take +1 health for you and any companions.

Does "any companions" mean one other ally, or all allies?


Any companions means all your companions. It is in plural form.

If you recuperate or partake, you can also apply those benefits to your companions (NPC assets—see page 39).

Please note that companion is NPC asset, not other player character, which is called ally.

So on a strong hit, you may recover maximum 2 health by choosing Recuperate and Partake options for you and all your companions.

See also Move Glossary on page 56:

An ally (page 25) is a character controlled by another player.

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    \$\begingroup\$ This answer might be improved by mentioning that every player in the group gets to choose from the list, deciding individually whether or not they care for the health of themself and their own companions. \$\endgroup\$ – Powerdork May 2 '20 at 23:22

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