Someone has been telling me that I cannot cast eldritch blast twice a turn, because by some rule you are only able to cast one spell and one cantrip a turn, regardless of casting time. I trust his judgment, but I want to confirm.

I have always been familiar with the stuff you get during combat: One action, one bonus action, and one reaction. It doesn't make sense that I can't use an action to cast eldritch blast, then use Quickened Spell to make the casting time a bonus action, and then use eldritch blast again.

Can you cast eldritch blast twice in the same turn using the sorcerer's Quickened Spell Metamagic option?


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Two eldritch blasts is fine.

Step 1: Cast eldritch blast using Quickened Spell to make its casting time a bonus action. You can do this.

Step 2: Flip to PHB p. 203's "Casting Time" section and review the "Bonus Action" subsection:

You can't cast another spell during the same turn, except for a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action.

Step 3: Validate continuing usage of eldritch blast. Is it a cantrip? Yup. Is its casting time 1 action? Yup. ('Cause you're not quickening this one.)

Step 4: Fire away.


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