I'll be directing a game of L5R for the first time and I have some questions about Strife at L5R 5e (the one by Fantasy Flight Games). I might have missed the answers in the core rulebook as I've been reading it jumping from one page to another, but I haven't found the answers there.

Can I keep results with Strife while I'm Compromised (page 30) if I'm using assistance and my buddies take Strife for me (page 26)?

The text regarding being compromised tells (emphasis mine):

A compromised character’s vigilance attribute (see page 36) counts as 1. Additionally, when making a check, a Compromised character cannot keep dice containing strife symbols (to a potential minimum of 0 kept dice).

However, the text in Using Assistance reads:

During Step 3: Assemble and Roll Dice Pool, if a char-acter making a check receives assistance from one or more others, the character making the check rolls one additional skill dice per assisting character who has 1 or more ranks of the skill in use, and one additional ring dice per assist-ing character who has 0 ranks in the skill in use. Each player whose character assists must describe how they are helping, and the GM decides if they can contribute.

At the GM’s discretion, during Step 4: Modify Rolled Dice, up to one advantage from one assisting character can be applied.

Then, during Step 5: Choose Kept Dice, a character making a check with assistance may keep up to 1 additional die per assisting character.

Finally, during Step 6: Resolve Symbols on Kept Dice, each assisting character may choose to suffer 1 strife to negate 1 strife symbol on the check.

By RAW and due to the order of steps, it seems that a Compromised character cannot keep any dice with Strife symbols, but the last paragraph tells that the symbol is negated while being resolved, not ignored. I understand the order being like that so nobody takes Strife negating an unkeeped dice, but if the Strife symbol gets negated, should it be possible to keep it if another person takes the penalty?


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I would rule that, as strife symbols are specifically negated in step 6, they should still apply in step 5 when kept dice are chosen. As a result there is no strife for assisting characters to negate


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