I am having difficulty finding information on the default subraces offered in the D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook:

  • What is the default elf subrace?
  • What is the default gnome subrace?
  • What is the default dwarf subrace?
  • What is the default halfling subrace?

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Refer to the race's "monster" listing

The "default" subrace for each of the standard races in 3.x is named in the Monster Manual entries for the races, where the racial traits from the PHB are reprinted. From the SRD:

  • Elves

    The above information describes the high elf, the most common variety.

  • Dwarves

    The information above is for hill dwarves, the most common variety.

    (though the mountain dwarf subrace described in the entry has no mechanical differences)

  • Gnomes

    The information above is for rock gnomes, the most common variety.

  • Halflings

    The information above is for the lightfoot halfling, the most common halfling variety.

These subraces may have different names in specific campaign settings - for instance, in the Forgotten Realms, high elves are known as "Moon" or "silver" elves, and hill/mountain dwarves are "Shield" dwarves (though rock gnomes and lightfoot halflings retain the default name). The appearance of races may also vary between settings; FR's elves, for instance, are much taller than the standard elves described in the PHB, being of comparable height to humans.


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