Years ago I was a player in a game that started as a really intense, high action D&D one shot and then within about an hour we learnt that we were in a simulation designed to help us function better as a trouble shooter team. We were playing 3rd or 4th edition D&D but I know our GM at the time used materials from a wide range of sources when creating his campaigns and one-shot adventures.

The effect was made even better by the fact none of us knew we were getting into a Paranoia one-shot. At the time the GM said he had taken the idea from a published campaign but I can’t find what that might have been.

I know that there is an old adventure Alice through the mirror shades that melds together Paranoia and Cyberpunk.

Is there anything similar for D&D or any other role play system?

I will say that our group loves it when I throw together a Paranoia adventure for them. My printer not so much, so many forms to print off.


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Orcbusters is a classic Paranoia 1e adventure that involves wizards crossing over into Alpha Complex and, eventually, the Troubleshooters getting dumped into a fantasy adventure setting.

Likewise, there is Call of Computer, which crosses Paranoia with Cthulhu. It was published in Pyramid, not by West End Games.

Lastly, there is the absolutely awful Creatures of the Nightcycle for Paranoia 5th un-Edition that attempts to parody Vampire: The Masquerade. Do not bother with it.


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