Can the Clockwork Amulet be used for all actions that require an attack? Can it be used for melee, ranged attacks, spells that cause damage, any monster attack?

Because for me it is not obvious, for example, (from the lore side) that the Mechanus will affect attacking spells that cause damage.


Mechanically, it works on any of your attack rolls.

The description poses no restrictions except that the attack must be yours. Melee, ranged, and spell attacks are affected. Other creatures are not affected, i.e. a monster's attack roll can never be affected unless the monster is the amulet's wearer for some reason. Also, not all damaging spells let you make an attack roll. Those that do, say so.

Lorewise, Mechanus's laws are all-encompassing.

The lore on Mechanus (DMG p. 66, and description of Modrons MM p. 224) state multiple times that it is a plane of absolute law and order. There is also no specific reason why spell attacks would be unaffected and the descriptions suggest that the rules of Mechanus do not include arbitrary exceptions. As as aside, the amulet's effect is an adaptation of the Law of Averages (DMG p. 66) which now applies to attack rolls instead of damage rolls. The description of the Law of Averages also specifically includes spell damage.


The Clockwork Amulet works for any attack roll that its wearer makes

The Clockwork Amulet states (emphasis mine):

[...] When you make an attack roll while wearing the amulet, you can forgo rolling the d20 to get a 10 on the die. [...]

The amulet works whenever you make an attack roll. There are no further restrictions on this so it can apply to any of your attack rolls no matter whether they are for melee, ranged, weapon, or spell attacks rolls.

Note that this item also only works for attack rolls that you (the wielder) make, so you cannot allow your ally to forgo a roll or force an enemy monster to roll a 10 on their die. This magic item only benefits the wearer's attack rolls.

Note also that this it must be activated before you actually roll the d20 for an attack roll because it involve you forgoing rolling the d20 meaning that you choose to not roll it in the first place.

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