Is the Immortals Handbook series official WotC material?

Regardless of any thoughts on the general quality, as sources seem conflicted on that, my question only relates to how official these books are.

How valid should I consider them? Are they actual WotC material? Are they acknowledged by WotC? Or are they wholly 3rd party?
Also, for what edition are they intended, anyway?

The series I am referring to includes this book.

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A little web searching reveals a review of The Immortals Handbook - Epic Bestiary which starts:

The Immortals Handbook - Epic Bestiary is an hilarious independent splatbook for D&D edition 3.x …

The rpg.net page reveals that this was the first volume published, followed by The Immortals Handbook: Ascension, both from Eternity Publishing. The Epic Bestiary was later re-published by Mongoose Publishing. There's what appears to be a publisher's web page here, which shows a complex tale of cancellations and re-scheduling.

So, none of this material is from WotC. You might well do better to get a copy of The Primal Order, WotC's first ever publication, which deals with immortal beings, or even the D&D Immortals set, published by TSR. Both are available in PDF on DTRPG.

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