The alternative class feature Domain Access (Complete Champion, p. 52) reads, in part:

Choose one cleric domain. If you worship a specific deity, the domain you choose must be one to which your deity grants access. You gain the granted power of the chosen domain. In addition, you can cast one domain spell of each spell level available to you per day from that domain.

Does having access to the domain spells make a sorcer qualify for any prestige class that requires the PC to be a divine caster?


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Ask your DM. There is no actual definition of “divine spellcaster,” and there is no way to know if this or other corner-cases (e.g. Alternate Source Spell, Southern Magician) actually count or not.

This kind of question has come up quite a few times—though the specifics are different enough each time that it’s hard to assign any as a duplicate of the other, the answers wind up the same. See also:


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