As new players, we ran our first dongeon and the session left me a bitter taste. Some part lasted a long time without being usefull, those parts were when we were searching for treasures or traps.

Indeed, before entering EVERY room the group was : "we look at the door/every tile we step on/wall to determine if there is a hidden trap", and the DM to reply "OK roll for an investigation/perception". And actually there were only one trap for the full dongeon...

Then when we entered a new rom, EVERY player were asking the DM : "I am searching for a hidden treasure/loots/secret door". And the DM, one player at a time : "ok roll", just in order to loot a few pieces from the dead bodies or nothing most of the time...

My questions is : how to manage Traps/Loots/Hidden Treasures without rolling everytime for everyone and avoiding (as much as possible) to miss a secret door/treasure/hidden trap ?



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