The additional effect from the Battle Song Expertise feat reads:

You also gain a +1 feat bonus to the number of squares that you can pull, push, or slide creatures with your bard attacks and bard paragon path attacks.

Moment of Escape allows the bard to slide an ally up to four squares. However, doesn't the fact that it's a utility power and not an attack power technically mean that the feat effect won't work with Moment of Escape?



Battle Song Expertise's secondary effect (the one you quoted) kicks in only when you make an attack.

Technically, is not the fact that Moment of Escape is an Utility power that prevents the usage of that feat: it's the fact that it does not provide an attack (as most Utility powers, by the way).

In fact, the sliding is provided by an Effect clause and this clause does not explicitly refer to an attack.

Moment of Escape - Bard Utility 2
You distract your enemies with a quick refrain, giving your embattled ally a chance to get away.
Encounter * Arcane
Move Action - Ranged 10
Target: One ally
Effect: You slide the target 4 squares.


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