The Shadow Magic sorcerer's 1st-level feature Eyes of the Dark reads (XGtE, p. 51):

Starting at 1st level, you have darkvision with a range of 120 feet.

I would like to play a Drow character. Does Eyes of the Dark negate Sunlight Sensitivity, since you are getting superior darkvision from a new source that does not provide Sunlight Sensitivity?

I have heard that the warlock's Devil's Sight provides a similar effect that negates Sunlight Sensitivity; would this also apply to the Shadow Magic sorcerer?


Sunlight Sensitivity will still apply.

There's no mechanical connection between the Drow Superior Darkvision trait and the Sunlight Sensitivity trait, so getting improved darkvision from another source has no effect on Sunlight Sensitivity. Neither Devil Sight nor Eyes of the Dark say anything about changing how your vision works in sunlight; none of these traits do anything to prevent the disadvantage of Sunlight Sensitivity.

The Shadow Sorcerer does allow a workaround, though: the Eyes of the Dark trait also allows you to cast Darkness that doesn't block your own vision. If you use this feature to place a Darkness effect that catches yourself and your target, neither will be in direct sunlight so Sunlight Sensitivity doesn't apply. This will cause problems for your allies, though.


No it does not

Having darkvision, superior or not, do not cancel sunlight sensitivity. That is the racial trait of drows. That character still suffers from his/her racial disadvantages.

Devil's sight negating sunlight sensitivity? Also I haven't encountered any special information on that either. So the answer is no.


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