I've created a character in D&D Beyond. He's a level 4 half-elf fighter. Here's the character sheet:

Character sheet img 1 Character sheet img 2

The character has a longsword and D&D Beyond has calculated the damage roll on this to be 1d8+12. The +12 bonus seems too big according to my calculations. I'm calculating the roll like this:

  1. The base roll for a longsword is 1d8
  2. I add my strength modifier so that's +4
  3. I have dueling as my fighting style speciality so that's +2 because I'm wiedling the longsword with one hand

So I calculate the roll as 1d8+6. Where is D&D Beyond getting the extra +6 bonus from?

If I change the fighting style from dueling to say, archery, the bonus drops to +4, which seems correct. Why does the dueling fighting style add such a huge bonus?

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It is a bug

Well, it is clear that it is a bug. Your calculation is right: it should be +6 damage. You can ask about bugs on D&D Beyond here.

Similar Issue

In the first page, there is a similar issue in this thread.

One staff member has responded:

Unfortunately there is currently a way to select the fighting style option multiple times, though we plan to resolve it.

To resolve it, please go edit the fighting style and move it from ARCHERY to CHOOSE AN OPTION and then repeat until it stays on CHOOSE AN OPTION.

Then select the desired fighting style as normal.

So, it seems it is a problem with Fighting Styles and, when you select it, you may, by accident, select it more than once, so, instead of one instance of "Dueling", it seems you got 4 instances, stacking a bonus of +8.

  • \$\begingroup\$ That fixes it, thank you. This also explains why I had to click 'Dueling' on the dropdown multiple times for it to stay selected. \$\endgroup\$
    – LJD200
    Jul 5, 2020 at 13:36

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