I am looking for a ritual I saw somewhere that can resurrect a kindred after final death. This is what I remember:

  • I am sure it was in one of the Dark Ages books.
  • It wasn't traditional blood magic.
  • The only specific thing I remember about the ritual is that it involved a specialty prepared room with runes painted all over the walls.

Hope that helps

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Lazarus Rises - Biblical Necromancy 6

V20 Dark Ages Tome of Secrets p104:

The necromancer tattoos a Cainite target with tiny symbols denoting her faith, while lining a room with the same script. When the target would suffer Final Death, he instead disappears in a cloud of ashes and reappears — albeit in torpor — in the prepared room.

I suspect this is what you are asking about. It only resurrects if prepared before Final Death though. No performing the ritual after the fact.


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