In MASKS: A new Generation, there are a number of moves that trigger "whenever time passes." There are also rules that make moves trigger at the end of a scene, or the end of a session. I'm making a notecard to remind myself what all of them are, for use while GMing.

What is the complete list of these moves?


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Here is my own list so far (marked as Community Wiki so that it can take additive edits easily)

Whenever Time Passes

  • The GM restocks the Team pool with with one Team token.
  • The Janus (if in play) rolls for Secret Identity
  • The Reformed (if in play) rolls for Friends in Low Places
  • The Legacy (if in play) rolls for Legacy

At the end of a scene

  • If a hero took the specified actions to clear their conditions, clear them.
  • The Nova (if in play) loses all Burn.
  • All Hold is cleared, unless otherwise specified.

At the end of a session

  • The End of Session move triggers.
  • The Doomed, if they made progress toward defeating their Nemesis, marks potential, otherwise marks doom track.
  • The Brain, if they took steps to atone for their shame, marks potential, otherwise gives influence to a teammate.

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