I'm playing DnD on this Westmarch server and I'm fighting a monster with "Damage resistances: Damage from spells"

My question is. Does elemental adept break the damage resistance or is it beaten out.

For reference, I was using scorching ray with fire elemental adept and I'm a draconic sorcerer.


Technically, "damage from spells" is not a "damage type", and so these rules don't interact with each other at all.

From the Elemental Adept feat:

Spells you cast ignore resistance to damage of the chosen type.

Certain creatures, like wizards of the abjuration school, can gain resistance to all damage done by spells. Since this isn't a resistance to a damage type (they still take full damage from non-spell sources), then Elemental Adept doesn't affect this in any way.

But ultimately it's up to the DM.


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