I have a question concerning the Camp in the Mwangi Jungle activity taking place during the exploration of the jungle in the part 2 Cult of Cinders of the Age of Ashes campaign.

The activity is described below:

Setting up a camp in the Mwangi Jungle takes about an hour and requires one PC to attempt a secret DC 22 Survival check to determine the quality of the campsite. Utilizing Ekujae mosquito netting they provide grants the PC a +2 circumstance bonus to this Survival check. At your option, other precautions taken by the PCs can instead grant this bonus, but multiple tactics are not cumulative. Certain magic spells like magnificent mansion or rope trick, or magic items like an instant fortress, can create shelters that result in an automatic success at camping in dangerous terrain like the Mwangi Jungle, but at this point in their adventuring careers, the PCs are unlikely to have access to this type of magic. This activity assumes the PCs are resting for 8 hours.

Critical Success The camp serves the PCs well, allowing them to rest and make their daily preparations upon waking without difficulty. The camp is also camouflaged or protected, and as a result, there is no chance of a random encounter while the PCs rest.

Success The camp serves the PCs well, allowing them to rest and make their daily preparations upon waking without difficulty.

Failure The camp doesn’t effectively prevent insects, rain, and other unpleasant jungle elements from reaching the PCs. The PCs can still rest and make their daily preparations, but each PC is also exposed to dysentery (see sidebar).

Critical Failure The camp is an utter mess. The PCs are exposed to both dysentery and malaria (see sidebar). In addition, they gain no benefit from rest during the time spent camping, and they instead become fatigue.

I'm not sure what are the rules for the critical failure when it's written "they gain no benefit". I guess they do not regain any HP. But what about spell and focus spell slots?


I'm putting the entire answer in spoilers, since describing this process will necessarily reveal what it is we are talking about.

The rules for resting are found on page 480 of the Core Rulebook. Benefits of resting include:

- Regaining HP (Constitution modifier*level)
- Improving certain conditions, such as fatigued.
- Daily preparations require being rested.

Daily preparations include quite a few things. This is when spellcasters regain spell slots and prepared casters choose their daily spells. Focus points refresh at this time. Magical items are invested. And characters don armor and other items. Without time to prepare in the morning, none of these are done. Armor and equipment can be donned later by spending time, but many of the magical options can only be performed during daily preparations.


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