So I have found an awesome campaign setting on D&D wiki but its missing some info.

The calendar has every month named except for one, I have all the others but if someone can tell me the last one that would be awesome thanks.

Here is what I have so far

14 months

1: Lencten 2: Errach 3: Haru 4: Lithe 5: Sumor 6: Samrad 7: Natrisu 8: Thout 9: Fogamur 10: Haerfest 11: Gemred 12: Yule 13: Frosyu 14:

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    \$\begingroup\$ What is the campaign setting? Why do you think there is a month missing? \$\endgroup\$ – MivaScott Oct 17 at 5:13
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    \$\begingroup\$ @MivaScott It is likely this Orizon Setting and the Time and History page states that there are 14 months, though it never names a 14th and the 13 it does name match those the OP has listed. That said, I don't know about Orizon and only found one other even seemingly related website, which only has somewhat similar names for the months at that \$\endgroup\$ – Medix2 Oct 17 at 5:22
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    \$\begingroup\$ Welcome to RPG.SE! Take the tour if you haven't already, and check out the help center for more guidance. I'm guessing you're basing your question on the information on this dandwiki page: "Orizon’s calendar stretches 476 days with 14 lunar months [...]". If so, you should explain that more clearly in the question. That said, it seems to be some dandwiki user's homebrew setting; how would anyone other than the person who created the setting know anything about it beyond what the creator has written? \$\endgroup\$ – V2Blast Oct 17 at 5:23
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    \$\begingroup\$ @V2Blast and others: It's entirely possible—especially given all our circumstances—that the asker is new to the hobby and unaware that the stuff on D&D Wiki is homebrew and that further followup is unlikely. An answer to that effect might be a better solution than closing the question and/or brutally downvoting a newcomer. \$\endgroup\$ – Hey I Can Chan Oct 17 at 9:52
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    \$\begingroup\$ I was asking the question because they haven't replied back to me about it and was hopping someone might have asked the same thing to them already as its a 5 star campaign setting on D&D wiki. But I think they may have done it on purpose so that you can add your own name into those already listed. Also thx @HeyICanChan I'm new to this site and that was my first question. \$\endgroup\$ – ExtraLitBoii Oct 17 at 17:28

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