During the D&D Celebration 2020 event, a new option for a familiar was revealed in the form of the image below:

D&D Celebration 2020 - Gelatinous Ice Cube Legacy Award

I assumed it was official material because it was produced directly by a Wizards of the Coast event, though it does not appear in the the latest book (Tasha's Cauldron of Everything).

Is there any official word on if the material from D&D Celebration 2020 is legal in Adventurers League games and/or ordinary games, or is it essentially homebrew?


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It is Adventurers League-eligible for Season 10 and legacy characters.

This September 2020 tweet by the D&D Adventurers League account states that the Celebration legacy awards are eligible for use with Season 10 and Legacy Characters:

“Legacy Awards” have been spotted in the wild, during D&D Celebration! They’re cute and cool! But we realize the name itself is confusing and that will be addressed soon.

If you found any, each cert is available for a season 10 or Legacy player character. Your choice!

For other games, ask your DM.

For other games, obviously, ask your DM. The oblex spawn is significantly more powerful than all of the usual options for find familiar. It is not normally a valid familiar option, as this certificate is not official D&D 5e rules content.


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