I am hoping to play a 15th level character in my new campaign. We are starting from that level andprogressing from there.
What is the best combination of my levels, ASI, feats, magic items, etc, with the optimization objective being to maximize Damage Per Round(DPR). Multiclassing and all variant rules are permitted as long as they are RAW.

Use point buy or standard array for ability score generating


The Character requires at least eleven levels in Ranger(Horizon Walker) to use its teleporting ability.


  1. All official WoTC books allowed
  2. Unearthed Arcana allowed
  3. Anything RAW allowed
  4. All magic items available - but only one artifact, and two legendary items
  5. No wish/wish-granting
  6. Aim for consistency - things which can only be used once per short/long rest aren't included

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