Per the manual:

Skill Improvement: Unlike most characters, your skills are only improved by spending Company Resources (see page 98). With permission from the group, the Company Resources may be reduced by 1 to grant you one rank in any skill of your choice. This may not be done during character creation but it may be done as often as you like thereafter (assuming the Company has the Resources to spend). Alternately, the company can spend Resources to increase the Company AI rating. (Prices for this are outlined on the AI Rating chart page 98). Raising the Company AI Rating grants you 10 additional skill points per rating increase.

Normally, buying a skill specialization costs 2 skill points during character creation, or can be picked in lieu of the 3 skill points you gain at the end of a successful mission.

So, the question is, can one buy specializations for an A.I. with company resources? If so, does it cost two? Three?


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Honestly, I don't have a good answer for this one.

It's just something we forgot to answer. I'd suggest 3 w/ Company Resources. That keeps it aligned.


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