I read a description of this in a pamphlet describing the various D&D settings that came out in 1998. But I no longer remember the title.

The module in question was a Dragonlance adventure, and the description said at least some of the action occurred on one of Krynn's moons- which one wasn't specified, but I suspect it was Nuitari, if for no other reason the 'evil' moon seemed a place where heroes would most likely battle hostile beings.

The description did say PCs on the moon would encounter living beings "made of wire" (sounds weird I know, but that's how my faded memory recalls it) and referred to the adventure as exploring the "strangest parts of the Dragonlance mythos".

Does anyone know the title of this adventure?


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I believe you are looking for "DLE2: Dragon Magic."

From the Wikipedia description: "Dragon Magic is a Dragonlance scenario where the player characters take a journey to a cloud city, get sent through a portal to Krynn's moon of Lunitari, and stop the forces of evil from slaying the Celestial Dragon of Neutrality."

PS. If this isn't it, here is a list of all Dragonlance modules.


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