I am playing a game of the newest version (5th edition) of the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. However, I can't find rules in the book regarding how to recover Void points.

In older editions, it usually required a meditation roll or a tea ceremony roll (which now is a level 2 Shuji) or just plain rest.

Or are you supposed to not recover it as usual any more?


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Void points are described on p. 36 of the L5R 5e Core Rulebook, including a character's starting number and maximum number of Void points, as well as ways to spend and gain Void points.

The book lists the following ways to gain Void points:

Void points are gained through facing adversity, for without struggle, there can be no triumph. Characters can gain Void points in a number of ways, most of them representing moments in which the character faces adversity and is galvanized to succeed by it. A few common instances include:

  • After failing a check on which one of their adversities was resolved (see Resolving Advantages and Disadvantages, on page 24).
  • Once per scene, after one of their anxieties caused their strife to rise (see Resolving Advantages and Disadvantages, on page 24).
  • After choosing to be affected by a complication that the GM (or the controlling player) introduced into the scene (see page 39).
  • After the GM conceals the TN of a check from the players (see When to Reveal or Conceal the TN, on page 297).

This is not necessarily a comprehensive list - other specific abilities may also grant additional ways to gain Void points.


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