I'm playing an Eagle Shaman that took the 'acolyte of divine secrets'-feat to multiclass to Invoker.

Acolyte of Divine Secrets [Multiclass Invoker]

Prerequisite: Wis 13

Benefit: You gain training in Religion. Choose a 1st-level invoker at-will attack power. You can use that power once per encounter. In addition, you can wield invoker implements.

If I chose an At-will that has "Can be used as a basic ranged attack" rider, can I make use of that? Or does it lose that property once it is an encounter power?


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You can use the power as a ranged basic attack. There's no reason that it would lose that property.


You can still only use it once per encounter. Specific overrides general. The feat says you can use it once per encounter, and that's that. It still counts as a ranged basic attack for that one use, but if you were trying to get a shiny new at-will power, this won't quite get you there.


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