A psyker makes a focus power test to use a psychic technique, he succeeds with 2 degrees of success.

However, the psychic technique requires an Opposed Willpower check.

In this situation, what should happen next?

  • The Psyker and his target make Willpower checks and oppose them.
  • The target makes a Willpower check and opposes it to the Focus Power test.

I feel like it should be option 2 because it would make your Psy-Rating relevant to the difficulty of the check but I didn't find any rules that explains how exactly this should go.


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I found an official errata that clarifies the ruling. Under Focus Power (page 4), we read :

If the Focus Power Test is an Opposed Test, the Psyker must successfully pass the Test and gain more successes than at least one of his opponents to activate the Technique.

So we use the Focus Power test indeed.


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