I play a Celestial Warlock in a campaign we just started, who took healing elixir (link to Unearthed Arcana document) as one of his first spells to support our party. I plan to expand into Divine Soul Sorcerer later. My build would be 14-ish levels in Warlock and the rest in Sorcerer.

The components for healing elixir are:

Components: V, S, M (alchemist's supplies)

So we participated in our first major battle against a bandit raid while we protected a caravan, after which I tried to cast healing elixir. My GM asked me if I have any Alchemist's supplies on me, to which I reply "no," but I have my focus which replaces any material components that spells don't specify with a gold cost.

His rebuttal is that since Alchemist's supplies themselves have a cost, I still need to have them, but the spell doesn't state their cost in the spell description.

I'm kind of at a loss about how I should respond to this or whether I am behaving overly concerned. We are only a level 2 party verging on level 3 now, so I am considering just scrapping this spell entirely.

Does healing elixir actually require alchemist's supplies to cast, or does my focus allow me to ignore them?



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