Nathair's Mischief is a spell from the relatively new UA 2021: Draconic Options, p. 6.

How balanced is it in its current iteration when compared to similar options published in non-playtest material? Does it introduce any problematic ruling situations that you have experienced during your playtest?

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    \$\begingroup\$ I may be able to tell you in a few weeks, since that is one of the spells I will take at my next bard level up; we are play testing a few of those UA features in a campaign I am in but the campaign is 'play' not a 'play test as our purpose' campaign. \$\endgroup\$ May 6 at 18:28
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It looks to be about as strong as Web.

I think the best comparison to this spell is Web. They are both 2nd-level Wizard spells, they both cover the same area (a 20-foot cube), and they both inflict status effects on a failed save that can significantly impair an enemy's ability to fight. The main differences between them are that the area of Nathair's Mischief can move, while Web's is stationary, and that Web's effects can last for multiple rounds on a failed save, while Nathair's Mischief's effects only last for a single round.

Overall, I'd say that they're both fairly strong crowd control spells, but neither is strictly better than the other.


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