So I was play testing a monster and it was made of water. The character I was using had the control water spell so I am wondering what would happen if I was to use that spell on a living monster such as a Water Elemental or a Water Weird.


The water in elementals is presumably not freestanding

Ok, this comes down to a reading and meaning of terms the game doesn't define, but control water requires the targeting of freestanding water:

Until the spell ends, you control any freestanding water inside an area you choose that is a cube up to 100 feet on a side.

And if the water is bound up in an elemental or similar, it is not freestanding. For more on that, see: What the heck is "freestanding water"?

As such, the water in the elemental is ineligible as a target for control water.

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    \$\begingroup\$ Nice link! I was looking for a way to back up the "freestanding" bit and that answer does it quite well \$\endgroup\$
    – G. Moylan
    May 7 at 21:56

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