One of the rulebooks for Changeling: the Dreaming (a game in the old World of Darkness setting) has a list of banality ratings for the other WoD races, both supernatural and non-supernatural. Which rulebook is that list in, and which page is it on?


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There's an average banality score based on a character's type (mage, vampire, etc) in the core rulebook (p 287) and another table specifically for mages (p 281) which are recreated below.

  • children 3-5
  • wraiths 4
  • drunks 5
  • lunatics 5
  • mages 5-7
  • Malkavian & Ravnos vampires 5-6
  • humans 6-7
  • werewolves 7
  • wyrm creatures 7
  • mummies 8
  • all other vampires 8-9
  • Technocracy mages 8-10
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There is more talk about banality and averages in both 'the Storytellers handbook' and 'Dreams and Nightmares'. the latter is considered the final word on such things.


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