When scaling down 1 weapons get converted from Kill-scale (for Mech-to-Mech combat) to Hit-Scale (human-and-vehicle scale) using a multiplier of 2.5 for powerarmor and 5 for Roadstrikers 2. The sidebar on page 108 offers to allow buying Kill-scale armor (which is not downscaled to Hits) for these, but there doesn't seem to be an option to get a Kill-scaled weapons for a human-scaled on that table. However, there are some human-carried Kill-scale weapons availeable 3.

Do I miss an option that allows designing a small scale weapon that does damage in Kills?

  1. Mekton Zeta Plus - Advanced Technical Manual pp.107
  2. Mekton Zeta Plus - Advanced Technical Manual p.108 & 109
  3. Mekton Zeta p.59

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