Back in the late-90 Shadowrun 3 days, someone made a character that he told about repeatedly in the local game store 1. It was a Troll adept that would throw grenades. Instead of using the grenades for their explosive value, he'd throw them without pulling the pin to plunge holes into people.

He never revealed the full build of this Troll-thrower and it supposedly had been years since he played that character when he told about it, so the above is pretty much all I know. However, I believe it must have been a quite focus-designed build. For simplicity's sake, let's assume a grenade with its pin not pulled has the same damage as a rock, and our Troll adept doesn't need to provide for anything but this target with his priorities.

What is the minimum setup for a Troll adept to inflict equal damage to a single target with a rock as with an exploding grenade right at the person's feet?

  1. until that stopped due to the 2020 coronavirus restrictions. I haven't seen them since and have no contact info.


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