In Cyberpunk 2020, suppose you have a team with three members: Apple, Banana, and Canteloupe.

Movement Allowance {MA): This is an index of how fast your character can run (important in combat situations). The higher your Movement Allowance (MA), the more distance you can cover in a turn. RUN: To determine how far your character can run in a single combat round (@3.2 seconds) in meters, multiply your MA by 3. The character can run three times this distance in a full 10 second turn. Write this in the RUN section of your Hardcopy Form. LEAP: To determine how far your character can leap (from a running start), divide your RUN by 4. Write this in the LEAP section of your Hardcopy Form.

[p.26, 2020 rulebook]

The Solo, Apple, starts with a Movement Allowance of 2. This means he can run 6 meters in 3.2 seconds and his RUN score is 18; that is, he can run 18 meters in 10 seconds. His LEAP stat is 18/4=4.5; this means he can do a running jump of 4.5 meters.

His friends, Banana and Canteloupe, have Movement Allowances of 3 and 4. They have RUN scores of 27 and 36; thus they have LEAP stats of 6.75 and 9, respectively. Because the basic rules do not mention vertical leaping, I assume that they cannot vertically leap to any major extent.

This solo, Apple, gets paired cyberlegs.

"Characters with paired cyberlegs can leap 6 meters straight up, or make a running jump of up to 8 meters."

[p. 89, 2020 rulebook]

This means that Apple effectively has a LEAP stat of 8. Assuming consistent equations, Apple's RUN score should be 32. So Apple can run faster than Banana but is still slower than Canteloupe.

As far as I can tell, even though Apple can leap vertically, he is not protected from most falling damage. (If I were GM, I would say because he can leap up 6 meters, he can also fall 6 meters without taking damage IF he lands on his feet, but would take ordinary falling damage if he failed to land on his feet. I can't find anything in the rules about that.)

As play proceeds, Apple wants to modify his legs so that he can run very fast. In the core rulebook, I cannot find any rules covering this. Some old R. Talsorian books probably have various rules. Which books have rules for running?


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Falling damage on its own isn't a thing, you take damage from fumbled skill rolls.

Fall damage is a reflex, athletics thing that happens when you fail at climbing. See p50.

Athletics. This skill is required for accurate throwing, climbing, and balancing.

p43 covers the consequences for falling on the fumble table, which range from nothing happening, to 1 point in minor damage and a stun save, to 1d6 damage and a stun save at -1. Unless you are doing an athletics roll, you don't take fall damage.

If you want increased movement, speed, you need increased MA. There are several options.

From Chromebook 4.

Corvette Cyberlegs (basic) offer +3 MA, +1 on movement rolls. Corvette Cyberlegs (advan) offer +8 MA, +2 on movement rolls.

From Solo of Fortune.

Speeding Bullet Legs MA 16.

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