The Core rulebook lists two computer programmes named ‘Intellect’:

  1. One listed under Equipment (the computers section, p.106 of my Core Rulebook); bandwidth 1-3, TL 12-14 with notes about how ‘Intellect’ programmes can use ‘Expert’ software and how that works in game terms;
  2. One listed under Starship computer software (p.151 of my Core Rulebook), bandwidth 10, TL 11, with nothing to indicate what it's capable of beyond accepting verbal commands.

So I'm struggling to understand the relationship between these two identically-named programmes. Is the starship one simply a scaled-up version of the other? (But it appears at an earlier tech level, so maybe the 'equipment' versions are scaled down versions of the starship edition?). Can the starship version run Expert programmes like the 'equipment' versions can? But then there's only one starship version listed - no 'bandwidth variants'.

It's confusing. If they are supposed to be completely different beasts, then would it really have hurt the writers to help us out and give them slightly different names? Conversely, if they are essentially scaled versions of the same software then it would be good to know that starship Intellect software can run certain shipboard systems via Expert programmes, and what the rules for that are.

Can anyone shed any light on how the two types of 'Intellect' software relate to each other and how that translates into game mechanics?


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