I've stepped up to run one of the local Encounters tables for this season. However I don't have adventure chapters 1 & 2. What has happened in the story up until now?

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Not a whole lot, really.


The player characters' caravan was wrecked by a storm.

The storm chased the players for a ways (it seemed to be driven by some intelligence).
There was a dialog encounter with a fire elemental, but my group didn't get much out of it.
The players eventually take shelter in a cave system, which contains a crypt. They defeat a corrupted elemental spirit, meet some non-corrupted spirits, and are charged with spreading the word that arcane energy isn't always evil.
The second chapter ends with them leaving the cave system, and being confronted (captured) by a horde of halflings.

Those are the high points that I remember from being a player. I'm probably missing a hook or two.


There many great blogs on people detailing their groups adventures. Try obsidian portal. Also a quick Google search got me this:



which is a pretty clean summary. Happy DM'ing


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