So as a party we were all given bizarre items are a reward:

  • A returning arrow, so it would come back to the ranger that fired it
  • A shield which as an action could be deployed as 3/4 cover for creatures under 6ft and 1/2 cover for those below 8ft. (takes an action to pick back up)
  • A scimitar which does fire damage during the day and cold during the night
  • And an "unbreakable net"

We're able to see the value in the first 3 items but the net has us asking some questions:

  1. Do nets roll with disadvantage on all attacks? Since they're a ranged attack with a range of 5ft
  2. Would a net use Strength or Dexterity? Since both the rogue and fighter seem interested in it
  3. Does it have to use an action or can you use a bonus action to throw it? Like with the Two Weapon Fighting rules?


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