Awaken is a pretty cool spell.

As a 9th-level druid, can I cast awaken to get a cool animal or plant friend, and then swap out the spell for some other 5th-level spell while keeping my cool animal or plant friend? Or do the effects of Awaken end when you swap out the spell?

I am assuming the effects of the spell continue, which makes me wonder why (outside of the consumed material component worth 1000 gp) I wouldn't just always have an awakened companion (re-casting every month) but never really keep the awaken spell on my list of prepared spells.

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Awaken has a duration of “instantaneous”, and the awakened state has no listed end condition.

When you finish casting the awaken spell, it simply takes effect, having a duration of “instantaneous”. There are no end conditions for the awakened state listed in the spell description, so there are none.

You are free to prepare a different spell tomorrow; this will not interfere with a previously cast awaken spell, since that awaken spell has already taken effect.

It is worth noting that no existing spell is affected by being prepared. Preparation just determines whether you can cast the spell that day; it never interferes with ongoing effects, unless those effects require you to recast the spell, as in animate dead:

To maintain control of the creature for another 24 hours, you must cast this spell on the creature again before the current 24-hour period ends.

If you cast animate dead yesterday, but did not prepare it today, you would be unable to cast it again to perpetuate the effect of yesterday’s animate dead.

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