What are D&D Beyond's Dice Roll Groups, as referred to in this changelog post, and why are they useful?


  • When on the ABILITIES section of the Builder, and you select the “Manual/Rolled” option for ability score selection, You will now be able to interact with the “Dice Roll Groups” collapsible UI. (if Digital Dice is set to disabled when you arrive at this section, you will see a prompt to enable Digital Dice which presents the “Dice Roll Groups” if enabled.

The Dice Roll Groups UI:

  • ADD GROUP: allows you to create up to 10 groups of up to 6 rolls in each group.
  • RESET GROUP: resets the entire group as a whole
  • APPLY ABILITY SCORES: applies any scores that have been rolled and set ( rolls with totals but no Stat assigned do not unset any current scores, but rolls with Stats assigned will overwrite any previously assigned value)
  • DELETE GROUP: delete entire group

I can figure out what "delete a group" means, but why would you want to create a group in the first place?


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I've used them for an alternate ability score generation method: "best of n attempts".

The traditional score generation method is 6 rolls of 4d6, dropping the lowest die from each set. I am typically okay with starting ability scores skewing a little bit higher, so I like to use a "best of" method. That is, roll the traditional way, but take your choice of 3 attempts. DDB's groups feature on the ability scores tab makes this simple. Create three groups and roll them up, and apply the group you want:

enter image description here

  • \$\begingroup\$ This is a great example, but to also be a great answer I think you need to put your use case in the context of "why would you want to create a group in the first place" and explain the benefits of doing this Vs any other method (even if it's obvious/very small change) \$\endgroup\$ Commented Nov 23, 2021 at 12:01

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