What are the ability bonuses for each ancestry?

This might be very useful in picking the right ancestry for a build.


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Up to date as of 09/10/2022 - these are all first-party ancestries from the SRD. At this time, the latest released ancestry is the Skeleton from the Book of the Dead, which was released in April of 2022.

Common Ancestries:

Ancestry Boosts Flaw
Dwarf Con, Wis, Free Cha
Elf Dex, Int, Free Con
Gnome Con, Cha, Free Str
Goblin Dex, Cha, Free Wis
Halfling Dex, Wis, Free Str
Human Free, Free None

Uncommon Ancestries:

Ancestry Boosts Flaw
Azarketi Con, Cha, Free Wis
Catfolk Dex, Cha, Free Wis
Fetchling Dex, Free None
Gnoll Str, Int, Free Wis
Grippli Dex, Wis, Free Str
Hobgoblin Con, Int, Free Wis
Kitsune Cha, Free None
Kobold Dex, Cha, Free Con
Leshy Con, Wis, Free Int
Lizardfolk Str, Wis, Free Int
Orc Str, Free None
Ratfolk Dex, Int, Free Str
Tengu Dex, Free None

Rare Ancestries:

Ancestry Boosts Flaw
Anadi Dex, Wis, Free Con
Android Dex, Int, Free Cha
Automaton Str, Free None
Conrasu Con, Wis, Free Cha
Fleshwarp Con, Free None
Goloma Wis, Free None
Poppet Con, Cha, Free Dex
Shisk Int, Free None
Shoony Dex, Cha, Free Con
Skeleton Dex, Cha, Free Int
Sprite Dex, Int, Free Str
Strix Dex, Free None

This link should be an evergreen list of relevant ancestry details, although it lacks the rarity and is not the official SRD, so we can't guarantee it's up to date. (Although historically pf2easy has been very good about being up to date and accurate): https://pf2easy.com/index.php?id=2496&name=ancestries

Characters of any ancestry can instead choose Alternative Ability Boosts as of the 4th CRB printing, replacing any of the above specific modifiers with the default human's two free boosts.

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