Parallel to What are the conditions of a Zero-G environment?, Underwater environments are mentioned under Environmental Adaptation, but are otherwise undefined. Was this defined in an official book?


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The Gamemaster's Guide explains this on page 176.

Land-based characters have some difficulties under water. The following applies whenever a character is swimming, walking in chest-deep water, or walking along the bottom.

Close Attacks

Close attacks underwater have a –2 circumstance penalty on attack checks. Characters with Movement (Environmental Adaptation (Aquatic)) ignore this penalty.

Ranged Attacks

Attacks with ranged weapons through water take a –2 circumstance penalty on attack checks, in addition to the normal penalties for range.

Attacks from Land

Characters swimming, floating, or treading water on the surface, or wading in water at least chest deep, have partial cover from opponents on land. A completely submerged creature has total cover against opponents on land.


Effects with a fire descriptor are ineffective underwater. The surface of a body of water also blocks the effect of any such power.


A solid invisible body displaces water and leaves a visible, body-shaped “bubble” in the water. The invisible character still has partial concealment, but not total concealment.

Perception and Stealth

How far you can see underwater depends on the water’s clarity. As a guideline, creatures can see 60 feet (distance rank 1) if the water is clear, and half that (30 feet or distance rank 0) if it’s murky. Moving water is murky, unless it’s a particularly large, slow-moving river. It’s difficult to find cover or concealment to hide underwater (except along the bottom).


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