Are technomancers gods in space compared to all other magic archetypes? I've heard in space Magic users are subject to a -6 to -12 penalty to their magic (i.e., 0 for everyone), assensing doesn't work or leads to insanity and drain causes you to explode.

But Technomancers use a different stat for their powers correct? Would a technomancer rule unchecked in space? Should we retire all our magic users as worthless and make technomancers instead?

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Technomancers do not suffer from being away from the Manasphere in space.

However, being in areas without at least a basic Wi-Fi is very distracting, and without a Matrix connection Technomancers generally feel uneasy.

This can be alleviated by having a couple of comlinks to create a background of nodes and traffic, but the slow connection to the matrix can be quite bothersome: In most of space, you are either under Static Zone 5 or 6 (satellite uplink or no matrix access at all) as a baseline.1

However, Spacetravel and runs in Zurich Orbital or similar aren't much of a topic in SR5. The most recent depiction of what space feels like for Technomancers was in the SR4 Emergence and Hazard Pay books.

1 - SR5 Core p.230


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