Dimension Door says:

Opening a door that bypasses normal space, you instantly transport yourself and any items you're wearing and holding from your current space to a clear space within range you can see. If this would bring another creature with you—even if you're carrying it in an extradimensional container—the spell is lost.

For balance reasons I can understand not being able to bring your allies with you, but Animal Companions and Familiars (especially for Witches) are an integral part of the character.

I was searching for an exception that says something along the lines "your minion is only a creature when you want it to be", but I could not find any.
Is there any way a Witch can bring their Familiar along?


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I couldn't find an exception

I recently started Night of the Gray Death as a high-level Improved Familiar Attunement Wizard with the Familiar Master archetype, so I was hoping to find some allowance for me to bring my little best friend along when I go wizard sprinting (aka Dimension Door). I could find no exception, nor even item, that reliably allowed your Familiar to hitch a ride with you.

Other options

Dimensional Knots, for 60g each, allow you to bring one adjacent creature with you when using Dimension Door at 4th level (giving them Stunned 1).

The Recall Familiar Master Ability allows you to spend a full turn, once per day, to bring your Familiar to you after you've teleported.

The Independent Familiar ability allows it to continue traveling toward you to reunite without receiving Commands.

Improved Familiar Attunement Wizards can (probably, ask your GM) use Call Bonded Item to summon their Familiar for one action.


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