For the first time in many Savage Worlds campaigns over several years, a player has the "McGyver" Edge.

The first benefit of the Edge is clear cut: when rolling Repair on the "hyperspace torque converter", the PC suffers no penalty for improvising tools and fixes.

The second benefit is the ability to build one-shot widgets, gizmos, and whatchamacallits to suit the need of the moment. Some of these "moments" can be literally life-saving, so the McGyver gizmo can be very significant to the plot/play.

Such a significant act should require a dice roll, but against what trait? Repair? Smarts? Something else?

Nowhere in the book can we find a hint. Searching and wading through endless threads at the company's forum brings no joy. I'm hoping the good folk at StackExchange can provide a crisp and clear answer.

We don't care which edition of "Savage Worlds" rules may reveal the secret. If it is a newer version than we're using, the answer is still likely to be useable, or at least provide guidance.


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Per the McGyver Edge in the current Adventure Edition (page 49):

Given a few simple items, he can make a Repair roll to craft improvised weapons, explosives, or tools, that last until used or the end of the encounter (GM’s call). This takes one entire turn, and he can’t move or take any other actions while constructing the device.

Emphasis added.

The rest of the Edge provides guidance on the statistics the improvised weapons and explosives might have.

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