There is lots of stuff out there about poisons in general, but what is the most money efficient poison? Purple worm poison is powerful, but it cost 5k GP per dose iirc. I am looking for a poison that does the most damage per GP spent on it.


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Serpent Venom

If you just go by the list of poisons on page 257 of the DMG, considering the price, DC for the saving throw and expected damage, serpent venom, at a cost of about 25 gp per point of damage gives you the best return on your investment.

Purple Worm poison would be twice as expensive, clocking in at about 50 gp per expected point of damage. The most expensive poisons for their initial damage would be burnt othur fumes and pale tincture, they make up for it with ongoing effects over time. The most expensive poisons per damage that just deal damage are wyvern poison, at about 58 gp per expected point of damage, and basic poison from the equipment list on page 150 PHB, which at list price costs 89 gp per expected point°.

Note that in many civilized societies, the acquisition of poison may be regulated or even illegal. The DMG says on page 258

In some settings, laws prohibit the possession and use of poison, but a black-market dealer or unscrupulous apothecary might keep a hidden stash.

There are also many poisons that have different effects than just pure damage. Consider for example drow poison, which often can be captured from defeated drow, and has the ability to make a creature fall asleep on a save that failed by 5 or more. Depending on the situation, this can be more effective in combat than just a few points of damage.

There are also a lot of poisons from creatures in the monster manual that are not listed on the list of poisons in the DMG. While there are no official rules for the prices of these poisons, some of them are from relatively common creatures such as poison snakes, spiders, scorpions, and giant centipedes. Depending on what your DM agrees to, a character with proficiency in Intelligence (Nature) and Poisoner's kit might be able to obtain such poisons during their adventuring. See the rules on page 258 DMG under "Crafting and Harvesting Poison".

Lastly, there are also many exotic poisons in the game, for example from pixies, nagas, yuan-ti, demons, devils. Depending of the world your DM is running, some of them also may be available.

° Damage calcluations assume the victim is a Commoner, with Con 10 and no saving throw proficiency. Poison is the most resisted damage type, and against many mosters with saving throw proficiency, resistance or high constitution, the expected damage will be lower -- but this will apply equally for all poisons.

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