In D&D, when using a ranged attack within 5 feet of an enemy, you gain disadvantage.

Does Mutants and Masterminds have a similar rule?

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No specific rule found

Looking at the tag, assuming 3e is the version in context.

From what I've seen of the rule book and various forums, there isn't an explicit rule for this scenario. (example: https://www.reddit.com/r/mutantsandmasterminds/comments/2yj90n/shooting_into_melee/)

The Hero's Handbook pg 131 explains a section called "Advantages" which do have some perks that affect ranged (ignore cover, etc) and close combat abilities (free attack on successful guard, etc) but there aren't any that cause the two to interact.

Within the Skills section on pg 117, the Close combat skill is described, but no considerations regarding attacking a ranged attacker specifically are found.

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I found the answer, under aim it says, "If you’re making a close attack, or a ranged attack at close range, you get a +5 circumstance bonus," so it counts as melee

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