All the starting conflux spells for the various Magus hybrid studies let you make a strike. As far as I can tell, these are eligible for spellstrike if you have Expansive Spellstrike (without the feat, they're not applicable as they don't require a spell attack)

  • Conflux spells are spells
  • They require 1 action
  • They seem like they would qualify as a "a harmful spell that can target a creature or that has an area of a burst, cone, or line" (in particular, Thunderous Strike has a cone, in case the "make a strike" part isn't enough to qualify)

Am I missing/misinterpreting something that precludes the use of one of these conflux spells as a spellstrike? Assuming they are a valid choice, how exactly would it play out?

  • One attack roll, double damage of a strike + whatever benefit from the conflux spell?
  • One attack to land the spell strike, then another to land the strike from the spell (with MAP? without MAP? presumably has to be against the spellstrike target?)
  • Something else?

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You cannot use Spellstrike with 1st level Conflux spells

Spells that "target a creature or that has an area of a burst, cone, or line" have either a Targets entry or an Area entry.
The 1st level Conflux spells have neither, as they all target you.

You could use it with Force Fang, but you should not

It seems to be the only Conflux spell with with a Targets entry, but the main advantage of it is that you do not need to hit with it and it does not allow a save. You would lose this by using it with Spellstrike.
You are much better off just using Spellstrike with a cantrip, and use this to do some more damage while recharging Spellstrike.


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