I'm creating a character in Dark Heresy 1e, and I've managed to find the cost of Integrated Weapons, the tool(s) I want, as well as the requirements I need for them, but I can't find any guidelines for integrated tools.

An example of something I want is an an Integrated stim injector. I want it to be concealable, not something as obvious as a medicae mechadendrite.

I have all the rulebooks, so where can I find the rules/guidelines to create an integrated tool?


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So after speaking to my GM, it appears that there is no specific rules for Integrated Tools, or even a generic rule for Integration costs. The only one we have been able to find is in the Lathe Worlds, p. 58; Table 2-6

Name Weight Cost Availability
Integrated Weapon Components +0.5kg 200 Extremely Rare

In our games, this can be treated as the cost for Integration for all items - weapons or tools; as the cost of the weapon or tool is separate.

In addition to this, the GM also allows a home rule to use XP at half "Cost" instead of Throne Gelt; depending on the Item and Creed of the Character. Eg a Techpriest with a Bionic arm can expend 100 XP to Integrate a Tool/Weapon into said arm)


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