So, I'm playing a Drakewarden Ranger and at lv7, the drake grows in size. The rules state the following:

In addition, while your drake is summoned, you and the drake gain the following benefits: Drake Mount. The drake grows to Medium size. Reflecting your special bond, you can use the drake as a mount if your size is Medium or smaller. While you are riding your drake, it can’t use the flying speed of this feature.

And at lv15:

Large Drake. The drake grows to Large size. When you ride your drake, it is no longer prohibited from using the flying speed of Bond of Fang and Scale.

I don't want to use the drake as a mount and would rather have a small drake by my side than a large, bulky drake. So my question is: Does the drake HAVE to become medium (or large at lv15)?

In my mind, there would be three solutions:

  • Simplest: He just grows, deal with it.
  • Simple: Drake stays small and you don't get the benefit of Drake Mount and Large Drake at all.
  • Greedy: Stays small, still gets flying speed.

Just to clarify why I ask for RAW or opinions is the following:

  • If the drake stays small, it can position more easily against large foes and doesn't really provide cover for enemies when others use ranged attacks.
  • If it grows, it eventually takes up melee space, provides cover for enemies and blocks my party and in general makes the drake less viable in dungeons (unless they have huge rooms/passageways).

That's about it. Any answers, be it opinions or RAW, are welcomed.



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The rules say it does

You quoted the rules correctly. At 7th level, the drake grows to Medium, and at 15th it grows to Large.

Work it out with your DM

What matters is your game. You can discuss with your DM whether they'll allow you to alter how the subclass works in your case. It's probably a pretty reasonable ask, but only your DM can give an answer for your game.

Of course, you'll lose the not-insignificant benefit of a mount, and eventually a flying mount.

It's probably reasonable that the drake keeps its flying speed, but again, only your DM can answer.


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